• Day 49 | Friday, May 29

    Wednesday night we received some good news buried in the Governor’s recent executive order:

    Emergency Executive Order 20-63
    Continuing to Safely Reopen Minnesota’s Economy and Ensure Safe NonWork Activities during the COVID-19 Peacetime Emergency

    xii. If allowed by the facility owner and operator, indoor and outdoor pools
    may be used by Organized Youth Sports and Youth Programs pursuant
    to the requirements in paragraph 7.f and 7.g. Public pools must
    otherwise remain closed to the general public.

    We have passed this information along to our district and are awaiting further details on re-opening.

    Day 3 of the AB/Sit up Challenge

    We are getting close to returning to the pool so keep motivated, every workout you do now will transfer to increased fitness back in the water!
    Here is another core workout – to do with your daily run/bike:

  • Day 47 | Wednesday, May 27

    Once we start swimming it is important that you have some muscle tone and strength. Push-ups were helping with that earlier in our stay at home order. Please keep up the push up routine – whatever feels like a challenge to you – would rather see shorter sets and more quality then 10 straight bad form push ups. For example if it is hard to do 3 quality push ups DO 10 sets of 2 with 30 sec rest. Then you can work on doing 3 etc. Or something like 5 x 1 min of push ups with 1 min rest or active recovery where you do some sit ups.

    Once we do get back in the water our practices will be shorter than normal and that is okay as we ease into getting back in shape but you will need to do some training outside of the pool to make up for the less time.

    SO let’s start a new challenge today – An AB and Sit up Challenge!
    Also be consistent – it is really amazing how you can get stronger in 1 – 2 weeks!

    Starts Easy so maybe you want to relive the Push up challenge at the same time? Will be easier this time around…..right?!
    Just a reminder – don’t give up all that strength you worked so hard for!
  • Day 46 | Tuesday, May 26

    Hopefully everyone had a nice Memorial Day Weekend – it was nice those rainy mornings gave way to a some sun each day.

    Please join us today at 4:00 pm for Live Zoom Yoga with Dena Bretz!
    All swimmers and parents are welcome to join. Login through the Senior ZOOM link – you do need to login to our site to have access for security reasons.

    This is kind of a fun youtube follow the Fitness Blender – they have many workouts and no equipment needed. This one is advertised for those that get bored easily – it will keep you moving!

    Here is a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout without equipment – have fun!

    Make sure to read the weekly update as there are quite a few things going on this week even if we aren’t swimming yet.

  • Day 45 | Friday, May 22

    This is a product I didn’t expect to be posting on our Elsmore team store this winter. Custom WEST Express Mask!

    Be the first to own this new Custom WEST Express Mask – only $7.90!

    Here is a workout we did at the Senior Zoom Call a week ago:

    This is good cardio and strength. The total workout will take about 30 minutes – feel free to substitute exercises you are comfortable with.

    Warm up
    20 Small (tight) arm circles forward and back

    20 Big arm circle (big loopy) forward and back

    20 Leg Swings side to side with each leg

    20 Leg Swings forward and back
    10 Leg Swings hurdles

    2 rounds :

    1 min of jump rope, Mountain climbers, burpees or jumping jacks
    alternate with

    1 min Vertical Jumps or step ups or box jumps

    Ladder workout – 20 min total

    1. Bridge/ Plank – back bridge on the lower intervals
    2. Split Squat
    3. Back Kicks
    4. Push ups
    5.  Crunches

    Do EACH of the above activities for the following time with 20 sec rest between each:

    10 sec
    20 sec
    30 sec
    40 sec
    40 sec
    30 sec
    20 sec
    10 sec

    Have a great Memorial Day weekend – hopefully the rain will hold off!

  • Day 44 | Thursday, May 21

    Did anyone watch the Last Dance? The show about Michael Jordan on ESPN over the last 5 weeks? Well it was quite good and he is quite a competitor that we can all learn from. My main takeaway was some people hate to lose so much – it drives everything they do – that drive translates to every practice, every competition, everything you do in life.
    Here are some key takeaways from Olivier Poirier-Leroy:

    Here is a workout that involves running – seems to be a favorite activity if you have to be out of the pool. This run workout has a warm up and then is focused on Speed. Maybe we will have to do another 5K soon!

    Get your RUN SPEED ON!

  • Day 43 | Wednesday, May 20

    Yoga Wednesday!
    Another special guest in this yoga spot – check it out and get to know Boomer 🙂

    This video finishes your yoga class off with some traditional yoga stretching Thanks to Dena for helping us get fluent in Yoga training!

  • Day 42 | Tuesday, May 19

    Don’t forget about push-ups! I think it is easy to finish something like the Push Up challenge and put that on the shelf for a while. You worked hard to get in to shape and strong with push ups. The nice thing is push ups really are good for swimming and work your triceps – they will help you when you get back in the water.

    At the end of the above workout is this challenge set – Give it a try – heck you even have all day to do it!

    70 pushups – as many sets as it takes. Your goal is to get to 100 pushups. Do as many as you can in each set, take 30 seconds between each set, and use as many sets as you need. Once you hit 100, you’re done!

  • Day 41 | Monday, May 18

    Happy Monday – looking forward to some sun today after that deluge yesterday!

    Our team instraquad and Swim4Jenna Meet was scheduled for the end of May. Unfortunately that is not going to happen this spring – we are hoping to host it later in the summer or fall.

    We did a commemorative shirt in Jenna’s honor. Please sign up to purchase one by next Tuesday, May 26th. Click on the google form link below to pick a size – you will be billed next week after the order is in.


    If you want to get a Swim4Jenna Shirt please order by May 26th!

    This is a good week to focus on some goal setting. Set a challenge for yourself – something training related. For example – I am going to workout 5 x this week with each workout being 30 minutes and followed by 10 minutes of core work. Each week as you continue to get in shape you can expand on that by adding intensity, time or distance. Write the goals down – then check back on them often!

  • Day 40 | Friday, May 15

    Here is a fun blog to follow – Swim like a fish!

    This gal is up to day 40ish of her Dryland sharing but here is a nice workout for everyone to check out!

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