Day 14 | Monday, April 13

Check your email later today for some scheduled Zoom Calls this week.
We are going to have Seniors and Age Group at 4:00 – 4:40 on Tuesday and Thursday and Sharks/Dolphins at 3:00 – 3:40 on Wednesday.
We are working on some different topics and hopefully can make these learning experiences as well as a chance to connect.

Here is an article that is useful anytime of year about using your mind to help you swim your best.

With the cold and snow today seems like a good idea to do the below cardio (indoor workout). This 5 min workout offers a little bit of everything. There are elements that can be adapted for a dynamic warm up at any swim meet when we don’t have a diving well or even much space for a proper warm up.
If you are super ambitious do this twice today!

This 5 Min workout will keep you moving and get your heart rate going!
Get Mom and Dad to join with you 🙂

Day 15 of the Push up Challenge – after today we are halfway done!

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