Day 17 | Thursday, April 16

I wanted to give a shout out today to all of our parents, family and friends who are on working in the medical field and and the front lines of the Covid 19 pandemic. We have many health care professionals on our team and we really appreciate all you do – stay well!

Here is a video for the 12 and under set – this guy named Joe Wicks runs a youtube daily workout called PE with Joe. It starts about 3 min into this video and is fun and also educational.

It is getting nice out and time to get back outside! Today is called “Hill” day.
We are so lucky that hills are easy to find in our area 🙂
If you are running or biking they work as a good strength workout. You can seek out hills and when you find them power up them or you can go to one hill and do repeats. A good hill is one you can continue to keep a steady pace on and would take 30 – 60 sec (or longer) to get up. There is a perfect
hill behind the Chaska Football stadium that has a trail up it and I am sure is used by all sorts of CHS athletes!
Anyway get out there and do some hills today! You will feel it Friday and that is a good thing. When running a hill lean into it and take smaller quicker steps. When biking put your gear lower and just try to keep the pedals moving as you start out spinning as you go up the hill your Heart rate will start going and some quad burn – perfect – Enjoy!

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