Day 18 | Friday, April 17

Received news from USA Swimming yesterday that all May meets are now cancelled. This is a huge bummer as we had 4 meets scheduled in May including our Swim4Jenna Meet. That is a meet I would love to reschedule and will do it as one of our first competitions when we get back into swimming shape.

Today we are going to open up the comments section of this blog and would love to hear from all of you. Please share in the comments section at the bottom of this post – what have you been up to? What sort of workouts have you been doing? We would love to hear from you!

Coach Ron found this article that may cheer everyone up a bit – 20 reasons for everyone to eat Dark Chocolate!

Here is a butterfly simulation workout – it is only a few minutes – do it before and after cardio workout!

Coach Ron found this and thought it sounded fun

Remember to comment on what you have been up to this week!

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Ivy Joecks
Ivy Joecks
1 year ago

I have been doing most of the swimming workouts each day. The weather hasn’t been the best to be outside, but each afternoon I try to get outside to practice softball skills or goof around with my sisters!
Ivy Joecks

Heidi Miler
Coach Heidi
1 year ago

I already got out for a 4 mile run (the sun and warmer weather felt great!) and going to get on my mtn bike this afternoon!

Ann Snuggerud
Ann Snuggerud
1 year ago

I ran with my daughter Ellie and went on a fun bike ride. Love the sun today, getting warmer everyday thank goodness!

Emily Hed
Emily Hed
1 year ago

I’ve been going on bike rides and have explored some local trails! I’m also doing the 30 day push-up challenge and am focusing on the shoulder mobility stretches. However, I miss being in the pool and (for a brief second) considered if I could swim in my neighborhood pond! 🙂

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