Day 19 | Monday, April 20

Many of you (parents and swimmers) have been running for a few weeks now so time to put a goal in our sights. We are going to do a Virtual 5K on May 9th. Use this strava app (click on the link or download on your phone) to sign up for the virtual 5K that Storm Swim Club has organized.

Coach Heidi and Coach Ron have already signed up. Let’s get as many swimmers and parents to join! 
If you are in need of running shoes or gear check out
TC Running Company in EP or Lakes Running in Excelsior. Ask for the team discount.

Here are a few resources to help. This Intermediate 5K training plan below will help guide you. Start at week 4 as you are all pretty fit and hopefully have been doing some running during the past few weeks. This can be a walk or run!

PACE Charts – Pick a goal time and look at the pace per mile you would need to hold.

This chart is for 9 – 14 min per mile paces
This is for the faster runners looking to 5 to 9 min per mile

AND an article on running for swimmers with some helpful nuggets of info.

AND we are on Day 24 of the push up challenge. Hope you are sticking with it and feeling stronger. Last week!

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