Day 23 | Friday, April 24

This is a fun motivational video from TYR. They have been a great sponsor over the years providing many of our “bell” prizes at our home meets. Please check this video out – it is a fun 3 minutes! Check the video below for some familiar faces.


Friday looks to be rainy so a repeat of the below core workout would be good for all. It incorporates some swimming skills like flutter kick so get after it! This is also a good workout for before or after cardio.

Caeleb Dressel sharing his core circuit!

Here is an easy exercise (below) that everyone can benefit from. An isometric exercise (static contraction of a muscle) to improve early vertical forearm (EVF) which is your CATCH. Your “catch” is when you start the pull and grab the water.

CLICK HERE – Go swim TV Video

You may need to set up an account to view this link but accounts are free right now!

Go Swim TV is a great source for watching swim videos and learning during these challenging times. You can set up an account for free now!

Friday is Day 28 of the Push up Challenge! If you have been diligent the end is in sight. You will be finishing up this weekend. Send a picture or video of your final day 🙂

Keep up the good work and have a great weekend everyone!

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