Day 24 | Monday, April 27

Please check your email today for an update on WEST Express news.
(it was sent to anyone who is signed up for Spring/Summer season)

Congrats to all of you who completed the 30 Day Push up Challenge!!
Hopefully you feel stronger now and can build on that strength.

Please join us for the Virtual 5K on May 9th – go back to last Mondays post for details and training info for the 5K.

Monday workout – Below is a good workout that also has a 5 minute dynamic warm up that is a pretty solid sweat on its own. For the younger set you can do the dynamic warm up and then scale back the main workout.

The Main set offers some options which is nice.

One of the exercises is a pull up – how do you train one if you don’t have a pull up bar. There are some options here – check with your parents before you try these!

Some option when you don’t have a pull up bar available

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