Day 25 | Tuesday, April 28

One of the best ways to replicate swimming motion/action is to use Therabands or Stretch Cordz – you have probably seen these at the pool before. Therabands are pretty cheap and you might even have them at your house already.

This is what stretchcordz look like – the different colors are resistance related

You can order some stretchcordz and get a great swim workout at home!

This video has a great tutorial on stretch cords!
You don’t do full swimming stroke – you do the underwater pull not the recovery phase

When I have used these at PRMS I have hooked them up to the pool ladder, starting blocks, many places to loop them. There are 5 different levels of resistance – Most 12 and under swimmers would need yellow or silver.
13 and over girls green – 13 and over boys Red.

  • Silver (3-8 lb).
  • Yellow (5-14 lb).
  • Green (8-24 lb).
  • Red (12-31 lb).
  • Blue (14-34 lb)

Please ask if any questions!

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