Day 27 | Thursday, April 30

Today looks to be the best day of the week so plan to get out for 30 – 60 min of cardio.

Seniors reminder to jump on the Zoom call today (Thursday at 4:00 – we are doing a Dice Game Workout.)

If you are training for the Virtual 5K (May 9th) try to get one “longer” run in this week.
A long run is relative but try to have it a nice easy pace so you can stretch the distance a bit farther than you might normally go.

This weekend would be a good time to do a test run of your 5K loop. Not at “race pace” but just a little easier and set a goal for next weekend!

Sounds like some of you have access to backyard pools – here is an article about training in a shorter pool. Make sure you always have someone watching as you swim. Just because the pool is shorter doesn’t mean it is safe to swim alone.


Here is a workout that anyone could do with a backyard pool or access to one. Best to start back without resistance training and get your feel for the water back and work your legs!

WORKOUT for first week of backyard pool swimming: 3 – 5 x first week
 Start out with swimming easy for 10 – 15 minutes – good streamline off the walls – get used to length of pool – open turns may be necessary so you don’t wreck your ankles! 

30 x underwater dolphin kick across pool – might be able to make it all the way but for now don’t strain too hard and do a quality underwater with tight streamline vs going farther
1 min vertical kick  – 1 min rest 
30 x alternate scull one length and catch up stroke one length (with a snorkel if you have one) – when sculling eyes down light kick, catch up stroke nice and easy – keep a high elbow as you pull
2 min vertical kick – 2 min rest
30 x with fins underwater dolphin kick across the pool 20 sec rest at each end – work up kick and smooth one motion kick 
3 min vertical kick
5 min easy swim

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