Day 28 | Friday, May 1

At least April went a little more quickly than March 🙂

Today we are going to offer two workouts – you can do both or pick one.

Since we are focused on the May 9th Virtual 5K some speed work is always good. Make sure you are warmed up before getting after it.
Speed workouts are a necessary evil if you want to run a fast 5K – if you want to survive it don’t worry – just go out and run and enjoy the beautiful weather.
Here is a speed workout if interested. Adjust to your level of training, if you can handle a 6 mile run double the warm up/warm down.

1 – 2 mile warm up – start easy – HR around 130 – 150
find a track or straight away – the Track near the dome is generally open
4 – 6 x 100 yard strides – the track is 400 meters so made up of 4 x 100 segments and you can usually see those marks on a track. Just run the long straight away as a guide of a 100. A stride is getting your tempo going at about 80% rate – not sprinting – picking up your pace as you go.
4 x 200 (half the distance of the full track or roughly two city blocks)
These should be fast – HR will be up – think how you feel when you swim a 100 free
1 – 2 mile cool down
Here is a quick article on running strides and speed:

If Running isn’t your thing check below for a good core workout but make
sure to get some aerobic activity in over the weekend 20 – 40 min a day is great.

Core work is always good but be consistent and do it 3 – 4 times a week. Otherwise you will just end up sore for your efforts!

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