Day 33 | Thursday, May 7

If you are planning to run the Virtual 5K on Saturday take an easy day today. (that is if you are planning to try to get a fast time when running!)
Many are joining in on the Virtual 5K and even jogging or walking. Just get out and be active!

We did this workout for Seniors last week and is easy to do at home – grab some dice and play along!

AT Home DICE GAME  – warm up with arm circles and leg swings
Shake the dice and do whatever activity you get – once you do an activity can cross that off and shake til you get a new one.
If you are unsure of an activity substitute something like Jump Rope, lunges or squats

2                     push ups for 2 min – 15 sec break after 1:00 min if needed

3                     plank for 3 min – if needed 10 sec break at every minute

4                     for 4 min alternate 1 minute of walking lunges & 1 min of                             squats

5                     2 x the Core Test Bridge
                        1 min straight Bridge on elbows – 15 sec right arm up, 15   

                        sec left arm, 15 sec right leg, left leg and then 15 alt one                                arm/leg       1 min break

6                     T stretch on wall – 6 times for each arm

7                     7 min cardio – jump rope, bike, run, jog, fast walk

8                     8 Vertical jumps – get those knees up – jump with both legs

9                     2 rounds of 9 seated Squats – 30 sec break

10                   2 rounds of
                        alternate 1 min wall sit, 1 min crunches, 1 min plank, 1 min                         jumping jacks – 1 min off

11                   11 Wall sit into streamline hold streamline for 5 seconds

12                   12 EVF Isometric exercises (or Superman) – should take about 2

Alternate options – if you can’t run – you could do some theraband work for that segnment Theraband I’s, Y’s and T’s

Kneeling Rollouts with Exercise ball – this is like doing a crunch with the AB wheel

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