Day 37 | Tuesday, May 12th

The article below is from Bo Hickey and was posted on the US Masters Swimming (

The link has some great breaststroke dryland exercises. During Breaststroke 80% of your power is derived from your kick so you have to have a good one. The good news is this can be worked on out of the water (actually even more so than in the water!)

Everyone who wants to be good at the BR kick needs to have a good range of motion in their ankles and power and strength in their legs. Below are 3 exercises that focus on Range of Motion. All 3 of the exercises to focus on today are linked below. Read the full article for many more exercises that help with Power and Strength.

Click here

Exercise 1 – Ankle Drivers

Ankle Drivers – 8 x on each leg – 3 second hold

Exercise 2 – Standing Hurdle

This one will open those hips loosen up – 8 x each side

Exercise 3 – Elbow Lifts

Elbow lifts – 16 total. This will help you get more out of each pull

Make sure to get out for some cardio today as well!!
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