Day 45 | Friday, May 22

This is a product I didn’t expect to be posting on our Elsmore team store this winter. Custom WEST Express Mask!

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Here is a workout we did at the Senior Zoom Call a week ago:

This is good cardio and strength. The total workout will take about 30 minutes – feel free to substitute exercises you are comfortable with.

Warm up
20 Small (tight) arm circles forward and back

20 Big arm circle (big loopy) forward and back

20 Leg Swings side to side with each leg

20 Leg Swings forward and back
10 Leg Swings hurdles

2 rounds :

1 min of jump rope, Mountain climbers, burpees or jumping jacks
alternate with

1 min Vertical Jumps or step ups or box jumps

Ladder workout – 20 min total

  1. Bridge/ Plank – back bridge on the lower intervals
  2. Split Squat
  3. Back Kicks
  4. Push ups
  5.  Crunches

Do EACH of the above activities for the following time with 20 sec rest between each:

10 sec
20 sec
30 sec
40 sec
40 sec
30 sec
20 sec
10 sec

Have a great Memorial Day weekend – hopefully the rain will hold off!

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