Day 47 | Wednesday, May 27

Once we start swimming it is important that you have some muscle tone and strength. Push-ups were helping with that earlier in our stay at home order. Please keep up the push up routine – whatever feels like a challenge to you – would rather see shorter sets and more quality then 10 straight bad form push ups. For example if it is hard to do 3 quality push ups DO 10 sets of 2 with 30 sec rest. Then you can work on doing 3 etc. Or something like 5 x 1 min of push ups with 1 min rest or active recovery where you do some sit ups.

Once we do get back in the water our practices will be shorter than normal and that is okay as we ease into getting back in shape but you will need to do some training outside of the pool to make up for the less time.

SO let’s start a new challenge today – An AB and Sit up Challenge!
Also be consistent – it is really amazing how you can get stronger in 1 – 2 weeks!

Starts Easy so maybe you want to relive the Push up challenge at the same time? Will be easier this time around…..right?!
Just a reminder – don’t give up all that strength you worked so hard for!
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