Day 6 | Thursday, April 2

The hardest part about this sort of lay off and it comes with injury or illness too is staying motivated when you don’t have an end in sight. Or you don’t have a “goal” race to train for.

Now more than ever it is important to focus on the process of what and why you are doing something and not just the outcome. If dryland training becomes part of your process you will be better off in the long run after we are back in the water.

At the link below there is an article from US Masters Swimming on how to stay motivated when you can’t train.

I thought this quote in the article from Carrie Cheadle (mental performance consultant) hit home…. “Focus on the things that you can do, and keep reminding yourself that you will be getting back in the water again.”

For today here is a nice quick core workout, only 3 minutes! Do it twice if you have time.

What I like about it – back to the basics!

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