Day 8 | Monday, April 6

Happy Monday All,

Hope everyone had as nice a weekend as possible while staying close to home! A couple of decent weather days ahead so let’s get outside and take advantage. If you have been following the blog last Monday we detailed some aerobic workouts to try either running or biking (refer to those guidelines from last week.)

Now that we have all been working our cardio for a few weeks now it is time to step up the daily amount. 
The 10% rule in running is always good as not to cause injuries as your body adapts to being a land animal. Increase your mileage or time by 10% each week for running.
Cycling is a bit more forgiving on the body and can typically be ramped up more – once certain parts of your body adjust you can stretch those rides out longer and enjoy being outside with the nice weather.

Push Up Challenge:
If you missed a few days please start on the day you last left off with. The idea is to build your body into being able to handle 50 push-ups at the end of a 30 day period. If you miss days – don’t skip ahead just start where you left off. Hopefully you are all definitely feeling toner after a week. If you have been following along since last Monday we are now on Day 8 of the push up challenge. If you are just getting on board start with Day 1! 

College Swimming: High School Freshman and older if you are thinking you are interested in swimming in College now is a good time to sign up an account at It is a clearinghouse for Colleges to check out your times etc. 

Also here is a recruiting video that MSI (Mn Swimming) put together including a Q & A with Gopher coach Jesse Moore and St. Catherine’s Coach Justin Zook. Very informative and hopefully will get some of your questions answered.

Zoom Connect! We are planning to connect with the groups this week via Zoom – stay tuned for more details! We would rather be in the water but want to “see everyone” and check in on what and how you are doing. 

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