Day 9 | Tuesday, April 7

Core workout for today – see the chart for visuals of the core exercises.

Please use proper form when doing these exercises.
If something hurts don’t do it. It is better to hold the exercise for a shorter period of time than to continue with sloppy form.

20 arm circles – forward with big sweeping arms
20 arm circles – backwards with big swimming arms

20 side to side leg swings  with each leg (facing a wall) as you go through these work on extending how far you can swing each time

20 arm circles – forward with small circles
20 arm circles – backward with small circles

20 forward  to backward leg swings with each leg – facing the same way your leg swings

4 rounds of (See above chart for each type of crunch or plank)
1 min of crunches / 1 min elbow plank after every set of crunches / 1 min off
round 1 – cross crunch – knees bent, feet planted – elbow to knee
round 2 – cycling crunches
round 3 – knee crunches – feet crossed off the ground
round 4 – Russian twists

Push ups – day 9 of the Push up Challenge
8  – 1 min break
12 – 1 min break
10 – 1 min break
8 – 1 min break

20 – 40 min of walk or run
60 – 80 min of bike

Fitter and Faster has had some great clinics every day.
Tuesday their topic is balancing School and Swimming.
Check it out!

Enjoy the beautiful weather today as this looks to be our warmest day for a bit.

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