• Day 39 | Thursday, May 14

    We aren’t the only ones who play the “dice game” or “deck of cards” work outs. Even Olympians do! Here is Ryan Held, US Olympic Team Member sharing his deck of cards workout.

    Can you work a sweat up like this in the Deck of Cards Workout?!
  • Day 38 | Wednesday, May 13

    Yoga Wednesday!
    If you like these Yoga sessions check back through the Wednesdays on the blog. You will find some great workouts and a Yoga tutorial!

    Dena is going to help us all be Yoga professionals by the time this stay at home order is over!
  • Day 37 | Tuesday, May 12th

    The article below is from Bo Hickey and was posted on the US Masters Swimming (USMS.org).

    The link has some great breaststroke dryland exercises. During Breaststroke 80% of your power is derived from your kick so you have to have a good one. The good news is this can be worked on out of the water (actually even more so than in the water!)

    Everyone who wants to be good at the BR kick needs to have a good range of motion in their ankles and power and strength in their legs. Below are 3 exercises that focus on Range of Motion. All 3 of the exercises to focus on today are linked below. Read the full article for many more exercises that help with Power and Strength.

    Click here

    Exercise 1 – Ankle Drivers

    Ankle Drivers – 8 x on each leg – 3 second hold

    Exercise 2 – Standing Hurdle

    This one will open those hips loosen up – 8 x each side

    Exercise 3 – Elbow Lifts

    Elbow lifts – 16 total. This will help you get more out of each pull

    Make sure to get out for some cardio today as well!!
  • Day 36 | Monday, May 11th

    Belated Happy Mother’s day to all of our swim moms out there.
    Thank you for ALL you do for the swimmers!

    Hope everyone got out for a 5K over the weekend. We had a number of people participating in the Virtual 5K which was great to see!
    After some rough weekend weather it is time to get outside and enjoy the sun again – set a goal for the week whether it be running, riding or core workouts. Make it a challenge and see if you can do it. Everyone has been really active so getting in pretty good shape – this is a good time to stretch the workouts in terms of quality of effort and added time/distance.

    Did you know May is bike month? I think this below chart would be fun for our 12 and under crowd to try to accomplish by the end of the month. We’ll check in with our Sharks and Dolphins on Wednesday and see how they are doing with Bike Bingo.

    How many can you accomplish by the end of May??
  • Day 35 | Saturday, May 9th

    Today is the Virtual 5K!
    Please share in the comments section below if you participated and what you did, where you went and if you want feel free to share your time!

    We are all runners now – for the time being πŸ™‚
  • Day 34 | Friday, May 8th

    Have a fun time on Saturday with the Virtual 5K – I look forward to hearing about the effort next week!

    The below workout is something that will keep you moving and get your heart rate up (Maybe through the roof!) 30 Minutes of constant movement. Get a watch or clock and ready, set, GO!

    Everyone has an extra 30 min in their day right??
  • Day 33 | Thursday, May 7

    If you are planning to run the Virtual 5K on Saturday take an easy day today. (that is if you are planning to try to get a fast time when running!)
    Many are joining in on the Virtual 5K and even jogging or walking. Just get out and be active!

    We did this workout for Seniors last week and is easy to do at home – grab some dice and play along!

    AT Home DICE GAME  – warm up with arm circles and leg swings
    Shake the dice and do whatever activity you get – once you do an activity can cross that off and shake til you get a new one.
    If you are unsure of an activity substitute something like Jump Rope, lunges or squats

    2                     push ups for 2 min – 15 sec break after 1:00 min if needed

    3                     plank for 3 min – if needed 10 sec break at every minute

    4                     for 4 min alternate 1 minute of walking lunges & 1 min of                             squats

    5                     2 x the Core Test Bridge
                            1 min straight Bridge on elbows – 15 sec right arm up, 15   

                            sec left arm, 15 sec right leg, left leg and then 15 alt one                                arm/leg       1 min break

    6                     T stretch on wall – 6 times for each arm

    7                     7 min cardio – jump rope, bike, run, jog, fast walk

    8                     8 Vertical jumps – get those knees up – jump with both legs

    9                     2 rounds of 9 seated Squats – 30 sec break

    10                   2 rounds of
                            alternate 1 min wall sit, 1 min crunches, 1 min plank, 1 min                         jumping jacks – 1 min off

    11                   11 Wall sit into streamline hold streamline for 5 seconds

    12                   12 EVF Isometric exercises (or Superman) – should take about 2

    Alternate options – if you can’t run – you could do some theraband work for that segnment Theraband I’s, Y’s and T’s

    Kneeling Rollouts with Exercise ball – this is like doing a crunch with the AB wheel

  • Day 32 | Wednesday, May 6

    Yoga Wednesday! I was thinking yesterday during my run that everyone should be doing more hip stretches and lo and behold Dena Bretz sent a yoga workout with some hip flexor work. With all these land sports you tend to get tight and that is not good for your range of motion. Plus just makes running and biking less comfortable.

    SO check out this Yoga workout today!

    Dena’s workouts are great and not super long – a great way to get some Yoga into your life!

    I know some of you are looking into Open Water Swimming – we do hope to have some workouts once the lakes warm up a bit. Read the article for what you should be paying attention to in early season open water swimming.


    USA Swimming guidelines say the water should be 60 degrees or warmer. I think we are still a few weeks out from that.

  • Day 31 | Tuesday, May 5

    In honor of Cinco de Mayo we have a special workout!

    5 Min warm up – go for an easy run or jog/walk
    5 rounds of:
    1 min of crunches
    5 vertical jumps
    5 seated squats
    5 Push ups
    1 min Bridge – like a plank but on elbows vs hands
    Should be able to complete a round in approx 4 minutes and start the next round on the the 5th minute.

    Finish off with a 5 min run – full workout done in about 30 min!

    Check out this motivational video from our team partner TYR


  • Day 30 | Monday, May 4

    The Virtual 5K is this coming Saturday. If you are planning to do it and try to have a fast time you might rest up as the week goes. I would practice your route this week so you know exactly where you are going to run. Also for resting purposes you might take Thursday off from Running and go for a short easy run on Friday and get ready to rock it!

    Here is the Strava link to join the Fun.

    This 20 minute workout would be great before or after a run/ride on Monday!

    AND one more option – most of you have a jump rope around. Even though the workout is called Intro to Jump Rope…anytime you jump rope for about 10 minutes straight it is tiring and a good workout. Great calf and hamstring workout.

    Thanks to everyone who pitched in and did the service project on Sunday (trash pick up). If you took any pictures post them and tag WEST Express!

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