• Day 29 | Saturday, May 2

    Join all WEST people on a service project for Sunday!
    Hope to see a bunch of WEST members out cleaning up their neighborhoods. Stay close to where you live and social distance while you PICK UP!
  • Day 28 | Friday, May 1

    At least April went a little more quickly than March 🙂

    Today we are going to offer two workouts – you can do both or pick one.

    Since we are focused on the May 9th Virtual 5K some speed work is always good. Make sure you are warmed up before getting after it.
    Speed workouts are a necessary evil if you want to run a fast 5K – if you want to survive it don’t worry – just go out and run and enjoy the beautiful weather.
    Here is a speed workout if interested. Adjust to your level of training, if you can handle a 6 mile run double the warm up/warm down.

    1 – 2 mile warm up – start easy – HR around 130 – 150
    find a track or straight away – the Track near the dome is generally open
    4 – 6 x 100 yard strides – the track is 400 meters so made up of 4 x 100 segments and you can usually see those marks on a track. Just run the long straight away as a guide of a 100. A stride is getting your tempo going at about 80% rate – not sprinting – picking up your pace as you go.
    4 x 200 (half the distance of the full track or roughly two city blocks)
    These should be fast – HR will be up – think how you feel when you swim a 100 free
    1 – 2 mile cool down
    Here is a quick article on running strides and speed:

    If Running isn’t your thing check below for a good core workout but make
    sure to get some aerobic activity in over the weekend 20 – 40 min a day is great.

    Core work is always good but be consistent and do it 3 – 4 times a week. Otherwise you will just end up sore for your efforts!
  • Day 27 | Thursday, April 30

    Today looks to be the best day of the week so plan to get out for 30 – 60 min of cardio.

    Seniors reminder to jump on the Zoom call today (Thursday at 4:00 – we are doing a Dice Game Workout.)

    If you are training for the Virtual 5K (May 9th) try to get one “longer” run in this week.
    A long run is relative but try to have it a nice easy pace so you can stretch the distance a bit farther than you might normally go.

    This weekend would be a good time to do a test run of your 5K loop. Not at “race pace” but just a little easier and set a goal for next weekend!

    Sounds like some of you have access to backyard pools – here is an article about training in a shorter pool. Make sure you always have someone watching as you swim. Just because the pool is shorter doesn’t mean it is safe to swim alone.


    Here is a workout that anyone could do with a backyard pool or access to one. Best to start back without resistance training and get your feel for the water back and work your legs!

    WORKOUT for first week of backyard pool swimming: 3 – 5 x first week
     Start out with swimming easy for 10 – 15 minutes – good streamline off the walls – get used to length of pool – open turns may be necessary so you don’t wreck your ankles! 

    30 x underwater dolphin kick across pool – might be able to make it all the way but for now don’t strain too hard and do a quality underwater with tight streamline vs going farther
    1 min vertical kick  – 1 min rest 
    30 x alternate scull one length and catch up stroke one length (with a snorkel if you have one) – when sculling eyes down light kick, catch up stroke nice and easy – keep a high elbow as you pull
    2 min vertical kick – 2 min rest
    30 x with fins underwater dolphin kick across the pool 20 sec rest at each end – work up kick and smooth one motion kick 
    3 min vertical kick
    5 min easy swim 

  • Day 26 | Wednesday, April 29

    We have another Yoga Wednesday coming your way! Make sure to check this video out as we have a special guest trainee.

    This Yoga workout is going to focus on your core – good for all ages
    Thanks to Dena and Casey for sharing!

    Do you know why “Fastsuits” work? Well they are good at compression and keeping your core tight. You can get that same effect with getting stronger at your core from workouts. Check out every Wednesday workout for some great Yoga tips and all of these workouts have been working those important core muscles. Enjoy!

  • Day 25 | Tuesday, April 28

    One of the best ways to replicate swimming motion/action is to use Therabands or Stretch Cordz – you have probably seen these at the pool before. Therabands are pretty cheap and you might even have them at your house already.

    This is what stretchcordz look like – the different colors are resistance related

    You can order some stretchcordz and get a great swim workout at home!

    This video has a great tutorial on stretch cords!
    You don’t do full swimming stroke – you do the underwater pull not the recovery phase

    When I have used these at PRMS I have hooked them up to the pool ladder, starting blocks, many places to loop them. There are 5 different levels of resistance – Most 12 and under swimmers would need yellow or silver.
    13 and over girls green – 13 and over boys Red.

    • Silver (3-8 lb).
    • Yellow (5-14 lb).
    • Green (8-24 lb).
    • Red (12-31 lb).
    • Blue (14-34 lb)

    Please ask if any questions!

  • Day 24 | Monday, April 27

    Please check your email today for an update on WEST Express news.
    (it was sent to anyone who is signed up for Spring/Summer season)

    Congrats to all of you who completed the 30 Day Push up Challenge!!
    Hopefully you feel stronger now and can build on that strength.

    Please join us for the Virtual 5K on May 9th – go back to last Mondays post for details and training info for the 5K.

    Monday workout – Below is a good workout that also has a 5 minute dynamic warm up that is a pretty solid sweat on its own. For the younger set you can do the dynamic warm up and then scale back the main workout.

    The Main set offers some options which is nice.

    One of the exercises is a pull up – how do you train one if you don’t have a pull up bar. There are some options here – check with your parents before you try these!

    Some option when you don’t have a pull up bar available

  • Day 23 | Friday, April 24

    This is a fun motivational video from TYR. They have been a great sponsor over the years providing many of our “bell” prizes at our home meets. Please check this video out – it is a fun 3 minutes! Check the video below for some familiar faces.

    CLICK HERE – TYR Video

    Friday looks to be rainy so a repeat of the below core workout would be good for all. It incorporates some swimming skills like flutter kick so get after it! This is also a good workout for before or after cardio.

    Caeleb Dressel sharing his core circuit!

    Here is an easy exercise (below) that everyone can benefit from. An isometric exercise (static contraction of a muscle) to improve early vertical forearm (EVF) which is your CATCH. Your “catch” is when you start the pull and grab the water.

    CLICK HERE – Go swim TV Video

    You may need to set up an account to view this link but accounts are free right now!

    Go Swim TV is a great source for watching swim videos and learning during these challenging times. You can set up an account for free now!

    Friday is Day 28 of the Push up Challenge! If you have been diligent the end is in sight. You will be finishing up this weekend. Send a picture or video of your final day 🙂

    Keep up the good work and have a great weekend everyone!

  • Day 22 | Thursday, April 23

    We have a guest presenter today! Megan Hawker is sharing a workout today. She is one year removed from coaching Chaska Girls and the Stormhawks Boys HS teams.

    As you may have guessed Megan retired from HS coaching to spend more time with her beautiful baby Berit

    Coach Megan Hawker and her baby Berit!

    Megan is a phy-ed teacher at Henry HS in Minneapolis. Here is a workout she has put together for her class. We appreciate her sharing!


    Click on the above link above link for a workout and video. Slide one is the workout and slide two is the video of Coach Megan leading the workout. Thanks Megan!

  • Day 21 | Wednesday, April 22

    Yoga Wednesday!
    Dena is helping us today with our basic balance to build up our lower joints.
    Check out previous Wednesday posts to learn more about Yoga and how it helps your swimming. These aren’t long videos and anyone can do it!

    Here is Dena Bretz sharing some tips on building balance with Yoga

  • Day 20 | Tuesday, April 21

    Today we are doing an Instgram Live workout with Coach Suzie at 4:00 pm

    Follow our instagram @ westexpressswim for the workout. It is also posted below if you want to do it on your own.
    A mat and a jump rope would be nice to have and if you have any dumbbells at home grab those and you can use during the squats.
    You can manage without any equipment too.

    Coach Suzie running near Vermillion, South Dakota
    And Coach Suzie 36 Weeks Pregnant in her new home gym!

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