Welcome to our newest way to keep everyone in touch during this break from pool time. 
Look to this site for information Monday Through Friday on ways to keep engaged and self directed workouts for each group level. 
Thankfully the weather is improving and getting outside for some cardio and fresh air is one of the best ways to cope with this. Check out the Carver County Parks for places to go. They are still open! https://www.co.carver.mn.us/departments/public-works/parks-recreation

Just to get started – we will get more specific next week: 
These are activities that all kids of all ages can do. 
A 1 – 2 mile run for 10 and under and 2 – 4 for 10 and older is great for legs and cardio. Running is the easiest thing to do and quite helpful to maintain a strong cardio. When you get back in the water your cardio will be great! 
Play tag in the yardPlay basketball 
Do any parents in the crowd remember hopscotch and 4 square? Go for a bike ride – wear a helmet and stay on paths. One thing I was reading is now is not the time to get injured and overflow hospitals. 
Start a plank challenge with your child – add time each day OR add number of planks each day at a fixed time i.e start with 1 min plank, day 2 is 2 min planks.
Take care all!

WEST Express Coaching Staff 

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